This conference focused on the big picture of marriage in God’s world, and how that can affect your life here and now.

We often think about marriage through the lens of our own experience. We see things we enjoy, things we want to change, and things we aren’t sure what to think about. But marriage is about more than our experience. It’s about more than our compatibility. It’s even about more than our spiritual growth. God designed marriage to be about something bigger than us altogether. And when we realize that, we’ll see everything about marriage in a new light.

That’s what our marriage conference was about. It wasn’t just a marriage tune up from a Christian perspective. It’s a larger vision for what marriage is meant to be: your marriage if you are married and the marriages around you if you are single.

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Marriage Is Bigger Than You: The Purpose of Marriage in God's World

By Brian Colmery


Intimacy and Marriage: Attraction, Depth, and Sex

By Scott Mehl


Unity and Marriage: Conflict, Forgiveness, and Direction

By Matt Kleinhans


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