What does it mean to belong to a Christian community? This class introduces the core elements of Christianity and explains how we live them out here at Cornerstone.

The Intro to Cornerstone seminar explains who we are, what we believe, and how we live as God’s family in Los Angeles.

More About Intro to Cornerstone

The Bible describes the local church as a body. Each member of this body has a unique role and unique gifts that God has given them to display His love and glory. This seminar is designed to help you find your role in God’s church here at Cornerstone. 

Intro to Cornerstone is part one of a three-part pathway series for those new to Cornerstone and those interested in becoming a member. Sessions are held once a month in three month cycles, and take place throughout the year. These three sessions explain who we are, why we exist, who our church leaders are, what we believe, and how we live. This is a great place to learn about Cornerstone and ask questions about who we are as a church. 

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