What does it mean to belong to a Christian community? This class introduces the core elements of Christianity and explains how we live them out here at Cornerstone.

The Intro to Cornerstone class provides an overview of Cornerstone church, touching on the gospel message, our beliefs, and the way we live as God's family in West LA. 

More About Intro to Cornerstone

Intro to Cornerstone is part one of a three-part pathway series for those new to Cornerstone and those interested in becoming a member. Sessions are held once a month in three month cycles. The first session is an informal "get-to-know-us" session. If after attending the first session you are interested in becoming a Member at Cornerstone you can attend the following two sessions with an option to formally become a member at the end of the three month cycle.

If, after the 3 part pathway class series, you’d like to commit to our family, then you’ll sign the Membership Covenant. This document is kind of like the vows at a wedding: it details what you are committing to as a member of our family, and what you can expect from the other members around you.

Finally, we’ll have a membership ceremony to celebrate the new members of our family. During a Sunday service, new members are brought before the church, prayed over, and welcomed in. Our existing members vocally covenant to support, encourage, and disciple the new members like they would members of their own family.

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