“Gospel in Life” is a video teaching series developed at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan by Pastor Timothy Keller to explore how the Gospel is lived out in life. It addresses the puzzles of urban living as Christians, our ways of thinking about how we live, what “community” looks like in our era, and other themes.

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About the Class

Taught by Jim Leonard

“Gospel In Life” is Timothy Keller’s video series on how the Gospel is lived in an urban, complex, hyper-busy, secular world. Pastor Keller’s church is located in Manhattan, so the very first issue is what the Gospel means in the city. The course is presented through video and workbook-led discussion. A ten-minute video featuring Pastor Keller starts each session. The provided workbook contains reading and questions as discussion-starters and prompts for further reading and thought. The bulk of the class is devoted to discussion. Participants need to be prepared to invest an hour or more to prepare between classes following the first class.

About The Instructor

Jim Leonard has served as an elder for 27 years and loves the opportunity to connect people to Jesus Christ, as well as enabling Christians to find new and excellent ways of living out their relationship with God.

Class Format

Each class (except the first one) starts with sharing further reflections on what was discussed in the last class. The short information-packed video by Pastor Keller introduces the topic of the evening. Videos are around 10-12 minutes. The discussion time begins immediately after the video, starting with the questions in the book, but often moving in new directions as the class shows interest. At the end, the assignment for the next class is made. Total class time is about 1.5 hours.

Watch Session 1 "The City"

Class Outline

Week 1 
The City: The world that is
Week 2 
Your heart: Three ways to live
Week 3 
Idolatry: The sin beneath the sin
Week 4 
Community: The context for change
Week 5 
Witness: An alternate city
Week 6 
Work: Cultivating the garden

Class Materials

Gospel in Life Study Guide by Timothy Keller


Jim Leonard

Jim serves Cornerstone through pastoral care and by overseeing internal ministries and administration.

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