Every couple who gets married in our church goes through pre-marital counseling. This class is designed to equip older, more mature couples to provide that pre-marital counseling to some others in the church.


​Invitation Only

About The Instructor

Pastor Scott Mehl oversees the church’s discipleship and counseling ministry and has earned a doctorate in Biblical Counseling. His material is developed from both years of biblical study and years of personal experience discipling and counseling regularly in the church.

About The Class

This course is designed to equip couples with a refresher in the foundations of marriage and the practical tools to be able to provide pre-marital and basic marital counseling to others. We will review the biblical design for marriage as well as how that design plays out in some of the key practical areas for any relationship.

Class Format

This class is a blend of lecture and discussion. Bring a listening ear, honest questions and comments—we’ll all be learning from God’s Word together. Some reading is required in order to supplement what is being learned in class.

Class Outline

Week 1
Getting to Know the Couple

Week 2
God's Design for Marriage

Week 3

Week 4
Conflict Resolution

Week 5
Family Planning and Finances

Week 6
Physical Intimacy

Class Materials

​When Sinners Say "I Do"​
by Dave Harvey


Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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