Our counseling observation provides an opportunity to watch quality counseling observation videos in a group setting and interact with peers regarding what is learned from the approach of other counselors.

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About The Instructor

Pastor Scott Mehl oversees the church’s discipleship and counseling ministry and has earned a doctorate in Biblical Counseling. His material is developed from both years of biblical study and years of personal experience discipling and counseling regularly in the church.

About The Class

This class fulfills the observation requirements for ACBC certification, and is encouraged for anyone who is interested in sharpening their practical counseling or discipleship skills. It is designed as a time to relate with others about the practical choices made in a counseling situation and to glean from different perspectives or approaches.

Class Format

We will watch a 50-60 minute counseling video, and then spend 30 minutes discussing it together as a group.

Class Outline

Week 1
Jesse, part 1

Week 2
Jesse, part 2

Week 3
Jesse, part 3

Week 4
Danielle, part 1

Week 5
Danielle, part 2

Week 6
Danielle, part 3

Week 7
Richard, part 1

Week 8
Richard, part 2

Week 9
Richard, part 3

Week 10
Dan and Debbie, part 1

Week 11
Dan and Debbie, part 2

Week 12
Dan and Debbie, part 3

Class Materials

IBCD Observation Set (provided in class)

Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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