In most places, “membership” is a privilege that’s all about you, like getting into a country club. When you qualify to be a member, you’re “in,” and you start enjoying the perks. Membership in a church is different.

Church membership is different from other kinds of membership. Instead of being served, you serve. Instead of feeling superior, you’re humble. At Cornerstone, membership isn’t about “getting in” and taking advantage. It’s about committing to a family that serves one another.

When you become a member at Cornerstone, it’s because you want to be a committed part of this local church family while God has you in West LA. Like a family, members at Cornerstone have their flaws; like a family, we still love each other. At it’s core, membership is the way we promise to stand by one another in love, no matter what, as we follow God together.

What If I'm Leaving Los Angeles Soon?

God brings many people through Los Angeles as one stop in his plan for their lives. We’re very happy to be a small part of what God is doing in so many different people. While it’s bittersweet to see so many close friends leave, we’re overjoyed that God is bearing fruit with those friends all over the world.

Because of the transient nature of LA, we think it’s all the more important to commit to a local church family, even if you’re only in town for a short time. Whether it’s for a one year job or a two year degree program, we encourage you: while you are here in LA, be all here with us. We think you will find the committed family lifestyle of membership at Cornerstone a blessing whether you are here for a year or a decade.