Summer seminars are an opportunity to learn about specific topics in more depth from Cornerstone elders with interest and study in these areas.

Register for any of these FREE virtual seminars by checking the boxes next to the seminars you would like to attend. Check out the upcoming schedule below and be sure to grab a spot! 

We will have 6 summer seminars this year covering the 6 categories of the Discipleship Pathway. These classes typically make up our Foundation Pod-Classes, but we have decided this year to make them available as summer seminars to help us all get “back to the basics” of following Christ in this difficult time.

Each seminar will be a discussion of one of the Pathway categories. Before attending the seminar you will listen to 4 sessions of pod-class audio, and then join for a discussion on a Sunday evening from 7:30-9:30pm.

Here are the dates for the discussions:
Bible- June 14th
Prayer- June 28th
Heart work- July 12th
Community- July 26th
Mission- August 9th
Calling- August 23rd

You do not have to sign up for all of the seminars, but can choose which seminars work well for you and your schedule and check the box below next to the ones you’d like to attend, and then we will send you a Zoom link for those discussions. 

Audio is available here.

If you have any questions please contact Joon:

We look forward to seeing you this summer as we get back to the basics of following Christ as His disciples!

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Walking With God
Walking in the World

Additional classes that might be of interest.